Biobent Polymers is a bioplastics service provider. Our patent pending process allows us to convert your traditional thermoplastics into bio-composite polymers. Biobent has successfully converted a wide range of thermoplastics. For more information on how this process works please email

Revolutionary Bio-Composites

Biobent Polymers is gearing up to produce bio-composite polymers made with 30%-40% bio-feedstocks. These bio-composites are designed to maintain the mechanical and operational properties of the “virgin” base thermoplastic. With 30%-40% bio-content, Biobent is able to save customers 2% to 18% and meet USDA BioPreferred requirements. Price – Performance – Sustainability

Polymer Flexibility

Our process works with a variety of thermoplastics including PP, HDPE, LDPE, TPO, and PBS. Using the customers’ base resin (which they are already familiar with) allows them to transition quickly to a bioplastic solution.


Biobent uses non-food grade agricultural byproducts or waste to produce bio-composite polymers. With funding from the Ohio Soybean Council and the UDSA’s United Soybean Board, low value spent soy flake has been our primary bio-feedstock. Careful analysis of this soy flake has allowed us to identify other bio-feedstocks with similar carbohydrates-protein-cellulose ratios. Successful tests have been accomplished with canola, algae and agave bio-feedstocks.

Products, Markets and Conversion

Biobent bio-composites can be used to produce a wide range of products used in many different markets and applications.

Products Markets Conversion Process
Auto and commercial vehicle parts Automotive Injection molding
Rigid containers Food packaging Profile Extrusion
Flexible packaging Children and adult toys Rotational molding
Bags and pouches Promotional products Blow molding
Totes, tubs and reusable storage Household durable goods Injection blow molding
Caps and closures Industrial durable goods Thermoforming
Toys Storage Cast film
Appliance parts Cosmetics Blown film
Housewares and utensils Flooring 3-D printing
Exfoliates Building and Construction Vacuum forming

License This Technology

In addition to our bio-composite production service, Biobent Polymers has sub-licensing available for this technology. Exclusive and non-exclusive sub-licenses to polymer manufacturers, compounders and strategic partners can be regional (state, country, continent), market based or by product.

To obtain more detailed information contact Keith Masavage at or 937-645-4600.