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Biobent Polymers is a bioplastic compounding and polymer technology company offering an award winning service that converts petroleum-based thermoplastics into bioplastics using inexpensive, low value bio-feedstocks derived from agricultural waste and by-products.  Pent-up demand for sustainable bioplastics remains high and growing, but today’s bioplastic prices are too high and performance too low to satisfy these demands.

Biobent has solved these issues and for the first time, offers bioplastics that don’t cost more, have little impact on performance and exceed USDA BioPreferred requirements for sustainability.

Biobent’s proprietary reactive extrusion process unfolds proteins in the bio-feedstock and creates a verifiable chemical bond between polymers and bio-feedstocks.  This cross-linking works with a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers (PP, HDPE, TPO, etc.) and allows Biobent converted bioplastics to maintain the base resin’s mechanical and operational properties even with 30%-40% bio-feedstock loading.  


Biobent solutions save money.  By using bio-feedstocks that cost less than 10% of the polymer they replace, Biobent delivers bioplastics that save customers 2%-18% on their thermoplastic costs.  This has created a significant demand for Biobent’s conversion process.


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Bioplastic Compounding

Biobent offers an industry changing paradigm shift when it comes to its bioplastic production process.  Rather than starting from scratch, we actually convert the thermoplastics you are already using.  The approach delivers mechanical and operational performance that matches your current product and manufacturing requirements.

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Eco Friendly Solutions


We are committed to the environment.

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals
• Safe for you and your family
• Reduces petroleum consumption 30%-40%

• Massive landfill reductions

• Exceeds USDA BioPreferred sustainability


• Works with recycled plastics

• Use of only non-toxic substances such as

  water, thermoplastics, additives and natural


• Fully recyclable bioplastics

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Contract Engineering



Whether is's a customer sponsored technical trial or contract use of our talented polymer experts, Biobent offers a wide range of polymer design, evaluation and customization services.

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