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In 2010, Biobent Polymers launched its technology.  We began with fairly common 35 MFI, polypropylene copolymer and soy-based bio-feedstocks.  Since that time, Biobent has enhanced and

extended its technology to work with a wide range of polymers (PP, PE, TPO, PBS, PVC, PHA, PLA, ABS,PS, etc.) and qualified multiple bio-feedstocks usable in our crosslinking process (soy, canola, agave, algae).

Within these polymer families, our technology has evolved to support many polymer variations with melt flows ranging from

3 MFI to 45 MFI.  We have successfully developed formulations using both homo and copolymer PP and multiple sub-types of PE including HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and UHMWPE.  Biobent's process works with both virgin and recycled materials.

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Biobent has even made its technology work with other bioplastics including PHA and PLA, allowing for significant cost savings.

By replacing 30%-40% of a polymer with a low-cost bio-feedstocks that cost 1/10th the price of the polymer they are replacing, Biobent can offer savings ranging from 2% to over 18%.


Biobent converted bio-composite bioplastics have been used in a wide range or products in an equally wide range of industry applications.  These include industrial durable goods, promotional products, packaging (food & non-food), office supplies, automotive, cast & blown films, signage, merchandising, household items.

The real beauty of our process is that we customize each bio-composite formulation to meet your specific needs.  We don't ask you to "adopt" our bioiplastic, change your production process or alter your supply stream.  We start with the polymers you already use, convert them into bio-composite bioplastics containing 30%-40% renewable, sustainable bio-content and customize the formulation specifically for your application.



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MultiClip-3(Semco Promo Product) 8-4-14.

CD Cases

Promotional Items

CD Cases

CD Cases

Pens, Clips, Coasters, Caps

Recycleable Binders

Promotional Items

Promotional Items

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